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Marc Dorcel is an internationally recognised director of award winning adult films and designer of popular sexual products and adult toys. This modern industrial artist is consumed with producing the finest and most innovatively original toys for the enhancement of male and female pleasure.

Perhaps the most intriguing aspect of Marc Dorcel toys are their unique ability to directly target the zones for which they are intended. Almost no effort is required by the user. These toys are so ergonomically shaped and fabricated they seem to universally fit anyone that uses them.

The vast Marc Dorcel line of adult products includes single and double entry vibrators, rabbits, bullets and dongs for women. It also includes a unique collection of rings, masturbators, suspension devises, anal probes and torso replicas for men. This highly in-tune modern adult toy designer includes all tastes, preferences, and provides luxury toys for every possible fantasy.

As a satellite company of Luxure Dupuis, the Marc Dorcel adult products range have been satisfying couples for nearly four decades. Since 1979, this company has been at the forefront of popular adult items and underground fetish desires. Production is strictly guided by international standards of safety and any questions or concerns are addressed promptly by knowledgeable company representatives.

The majority of Marc Dorcel adult sex toys and aides are inspired by real life contributions from the many actors and actresses that contribute to the company’s films. Because of the Marc Dorcel phenomenon, the company’s products compose the greater portion of products known as “Pornochic.” The products take a cue from traditional designs, but offer a much more luxurious experience than most users expect.

This company also recognises the equal hunger by and women for quality sex toys. No preference or sexual appetite is forgotten by the Marc Dorcel toy collection.

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