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Medisil produces one of the most well-recognised and powerful personal massagers in the world. Designed as a full body massager, the Medisil Magic Touch is perfect for relaxing sore muscles, relieving tension and providing rehabilitation after injuries. The Magic Touch can also be used for more intimate pleasures for both men and women.

Use the lightweight Magic Touch as a full body massager by running the vibrating head over major muscle groups and sore spots. The long handle and cord make it easy to reach problem areas like shoulders, neck and back. Pain and tension will melt away as you enjoy the deep rumbling created by the unit.

For a more intimate experience, use the vibrating head against the vulva or clitoris on a woman. The intense vibrations have been used by many women to achieve orgasm when other methods have failed. Men have similar results when the Magic Touch is applied to the glans or shaft of the penis.

There are two attachments available for purchase to enhance the intimate pleasures of the Magic Touch: the Diffuser Dome and the Medi-G. Both attachments are designed slip over the massage head of the Magic Touch. The Diffuser Dome is covered with hundreds of tiny nubs that diffuse the vibration of the Magic Touch for a strong but gentle touch. The Medi-G attachment transfers vibrations to an insertable probe that can be used vaginally or anally. The probe is curved slightly for perfect g- or p-spot stimulation.

The Medisil Magic Touch is not waterproof and should not be used around water. Always unplug the Magic Touch before cleaning. The Diffuser Dome and Medi-G are designed to be removed from the massage head and washed separately with soap and water. All materials are body safe and hypo-allergenic.

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