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Nookii is a sex toy provider that not only offers toys themselves, but also games and exciting sets to make any time with your partner enjoyable and pleasurable. Nookii promotes asking questions and being open-minded about one's sex life, sharing tidbits of information and free erotic stories to read from their official website. In addition to being a provider of erotic toys and gift sets, Nookii also sells a variety of sexy, sensual games that individuals can easily play with their significant others.

The official Nookii game from the brand itself is ideal for celebrating a birthday, anniversary or simply reconnecting with your partner romantically and sexually. There are multiple gaming options including card games and fully-functional board games designed for couples and those who want to be sexually open for the evening.

Gift sets available from Nookii include sets that are complete with vibrators and toys themselves in addition to tickling sets, and a his & hers gift set for couples who are both looking forward to playing for the evening. The Nookii gift sets are all part of the brand's special collection, with packaging that holds all of your gift set's items in place and out of sight until you are ready to use them. There is also a "toys for boys" gift set along with a "weekend fun collection" so you have a variety of options before you make your decision on the type of toys that are right for you and your partner.

The toys and vibrators from Nookii come in completely modern packaging with full descriptions of each toy's use capabilities. Many toys from Nookii focus on vibrations and some are solely finger vibrators. Vibrating rings for men and full-sized vibrators for women are available to fit any type of night you have in mind.

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