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The Ophoria name is a combination of the two main objectives of great sex. Those are, orgasms and euphoria. This company is a highly specialised provider of silicone replicas, teasers, probes, dildos and more which are proven completely phthalate-free. Cheaper silicone toys often are coated and moulded with chemicals that can leave a residue on, or become absorbent with tissues when body heat is present.

Ophoria’s patented silicone process makes every toy entirely non-caustic, long-lived and perpetually silky-smooth. Everything about the diverse selection of Ophoria toys suggests a great deal of attention paid to the natural curves of the body, and an inherent elegance. This quality is rare in the modern sex toy market.

The most distinguishing characteristic of the majority of Ophoria toys is the presence of a safety ring. Whether for men, women, vaginal use, or anal, Ophoria’s designs promote ease and comfort. Instead of toys which are hard to grip continually and become slippery, this company’s toys have a strong ring that slips over a finger. Much less fatigue is experienced and the ergonomic design induces greater relaxation. Look for the Ophoria ring on toys to know they were made with “you” in mind.

Ophoria was founded in 2008 and is a leading Canadian adult toy distributor. It has a home office in Ontario, Canada and is the corporate head of a family of well-known adult toy brands.

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