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Pjur Aqua 250mL Waterbased Lubricant
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    Pjur Aqua Bottle Waterbased Lubricant 500ml
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      Pjur Backdoor Glide 100ml Anal Lubricant
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        Pjur Woman Silicone Lubricant 250ml
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          Pjur Backdoor Glide 250ml Anal Lubricant
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            Pjur Power Cream Silicone Lubricant 150mL
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              Pjur Basic Water Based Lubricant - 100ml
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                Pjur Aqua Water Based Lubricant - 30ml
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                  Pjur Analyse Me Glide 1.5mL Sachet
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                    Pjur TOY Clean 100ml Toy Cleaner Spray
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                      Pjur Med Clean Spray Sex Toy Cleaner 100ml
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                        Pjur Back Door Booty Glide 1.5mL Sachet
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                          Pjur Back Door Anal Comfort Spray
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                            Pjur 4mL Assorted Lubricant
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                              Pjur Group is headquartered in Luxembourg and is a company that specialises in higher quality adult products and lubricants which surpass common expectations. It was launched in 1994 by a German marketer and researcher and is continually recognised by industry representatives as a uniquely guided and innovative adult products supplier.

                              Pjur products are specifically marketed toward modern individuals who adhere to a healthy and safe sexual lifestyle. From production to shipping, Pjur takes all action to ensure quality is maintained and customer satisfaction is guaranteed.

                              Along with surpassing all expectations by consumers, Pjur Group constantly looks for ways to lead the world market in adult product production and sales. This was the first company to mass produce climax delay products that are all-natural, yet increase physical enjoyment. Conscientious innovations like this are what allow Pjur to exert influence over an increasing number of market niches annually.

                              Aside from the phenomenal business success of Pjur, the company’s products can also be described as top tier and professional-grade. Their adult products are never produced with chemical additives, fragrances, flavorings, or colorings. All of this company’s toys and body care items are hypoallergenic and constructed with the input of health specialists like dermatologists and urologists.

                              Unlike some mainstream adult toy and health product manufactures, Pjur combines ultimate quality design and construction with proven clinical sexual health recommendations. From simple climax control condoms to the most elaborate couple’s devices, Pjur constantly maintains an extreme level of near perfection in all its unique adult product listings.

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