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Screaming O Charged Rub-It
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Screaming O provides sex toys as well as sexual education to consumers. The Screaming O company is proud to promote sexual intimacy between couples, safe sex practices and the importance of sexually healthy activities.

Screaming O wants to provide women with all the stimulation they need to reach climax. They believe that most of the women who can't achieve orgasm during sex lack clitoral stimulation. They have a full line of various toys for solitary play. The vibrating penis rings works for couples helping her achieve a clitoral orgasm.

The vibrators come in many sizes, shapes and colors. There are vibrating bullets that will tingle and buzz against a woman's clitoris to bring her to a screaming climax. The vibes can be used alone to bring pleasure during solitary sexual activities or can be used to enhance an intimate encounter with a sexual partner. Products like O Honey sit in direct contact with the clitoris during sex. They provide hands-free stimulation that increases with the pressure of contact from her partner.

The Screaming O has lubricants along with warming and cooling gels that are used to increase sexual sensations. There is lip balm that can be applied to lips for kissable cooling, tingling sensations anywhere the lips touch.

All Screaming O products are designed to enhance sexual stimulation for women whether in solitary pursuit of that elusive screaming orgasm, or to ramp up the volume on her ordinary climaxes.

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