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Sensuva ON Arousal Oil Lubricant
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    Sensuva is an adult product supplier that specialises in providing oils, lubricants and sensation creators for couples looking to increase pleasure and satisfaction in the bedroom. Sensuva provides lubricants and oils for both men and women in addition to lip oils that help to give a sensational feeling for all individuals who try it.

    The arousal oil for women is created with ingredients such as essential oils from all around the world. With only a drop or two, the women who is using the "On" oil for women may feel a "buzz" sensation over the clitoris, causing immediate arousal and excitement. Heightened sensitivity near the clitoris helps to increase arousal and the ability to enjoy more intense orgasms. Stronger and longer-lasting orgasms have been reported with the use of "On" arousal oil for women.

    Men also have an option when it comes to arousal oils from Sensuva. Sensuva also producing "On 4 Him", an alternative to the "On 4 Her" line of oils made strictly for women. The On 4 Him oils contain bio-active nutrients and botanical extracts for an all-natural experience that is mind-blowing. ON 4 Him "On Sex Drive" oils help to restore the healthy levels of Testosterone in men naturally while enjoying sex even more simultaneously. Just 1 to 2 drops of On Sex Drive oil can help to balance a man's passion, stamina and desire to boost sexual performance and interest.

    Sensuva also produces a lip balm which is infused with pheromones that are attractive to both genders which can leave a memorable mark and a lasting sensation between couples and partners. The lip balm from Sensuva is entirely natural and created with only essential oils and botanical ingredients that are truly appealing to both men or women. The lip balm is also useful for both hetero and homosexual couples, as the pheromones used are entirely gender-friendly.

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