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The Spartacus Enterprise Company is an adult toy company specialising in bondage wear, particularly leather, metal and rubber products.The company is based in Portland, Oregon and has been doing business since 1987.Over the course of two decades, they have grown to a large manufacturer that now produces over 1,000 items.They make vibes, books, clothing, clamps, but are more so famous for their bondage gear.

Spartacus heavily promote the BDSM and bondage type of love play, and market their toys to gay and straight couples alike.They offer exploratory products like S&M books and silk scarves, as well as advanced toys like nipple clamps and penis devices.Not only does Spartacus Enterprise offer S&M-inspired lingerie designs, but they also offer collars, wristbands, bra harnesses and even more advanced collars that read “slut.”All of Spartacus' BDSM supplies have top quality material and provide safe ways for consumers to explore their deepest and darkest fantasies.

Besides bondage wear, the company also produces butt plugs, large rubber dildos and pearl vibrators.Lastly, you can think back to your grade school trauma of getting paddled in class and get off all these years later thanks to leather paddles, whips and tip crops.

Spartacus Enterprise adult toys are for students and masters of S&M and are best served to couples who are open-minded and very excited to try something naughty. Their great line of products are all medically safe and healthy for consumers to sexually experiment with.

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