Swiss Navy

Swiss Navy is a brand from M.S. Science lab that features everything from oral sexual supplements to lubricants, creams and enhancement gels. Whether you are shopping for a partner or for yourself, Swiss Navy has designed products that are specifically made for both men and women.

Supplements available from Swiss Navy for men were developed to specifically increase stamina while boosting sexual performance and the amount of desire that is felt regularly. Increasing Testosterone levels in men is also possible with the right supplement available from Swiss Navy. There is also "Max Desire", an oral formula that is meant to help with the enhancement of sexual arousal in women.

Lubricants are also available from Swiss Navy including flavoured lubricants, silicone-based and grease oils depending on your own preferences. There are also water-based lubricant options along with mini bottles for travel or on the go experiences. With Swiss Navy you can find a lubricant that is ideal for you and your partner whether you enjoy utilising adult toys that have lubricant requirements or if you prefer the texture of a specific type of oil or gel.

Creams are also available from Swiss Navy for both men and women. Whether you are interested in giving a massage with sensual massage cream or if you are seeking a cream to boost arousal and performance in the bedroom, Swiss Navy has a wide selection available. Enhancement cream for men from Swiss Navy is the only topical male enhancement product that activates Butea Superba, helping to enhance erectile responses without medications.

Swiss Navy also offers toy cleaner solution for anyone who enjoys using toys solo or with a partner. For anyone seeking a quick way to boost performance and sexual arousal, Swiss Navy also offers "Herbal Viva" and "Max Desire" tabs to take before any sexual activity for the best results.

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