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TENGA Flip 0 (Zero) Male Masturbator
Regular price$179.95$124.00
    TENGA Flip 0 (Zero) Black Male Masturbator
    Regular price$179.95$124.00
      TENGA Flip Hole Masturbator
      Regular price$162.95$110.95
        TENGA Flip 0 (Zero) Gravity Male Masturbator
        Regular price$159.95$124.00
          TENGA Spinner Brick Stroker
          Regular price$59.95$43.50
            TENGA Flip Hole Black Masturbator
            Regular price$162.95$110.95
              TENGA 3D Zen Masturbator
              Regular price$63.00$49.50
                TENGA Spinner Beads Stroker
                Regular price$59.95$43.50
                  TENGA Iroha - Yuki Clitoral Vibrator
                  Regular price$189.95$149.50
                    TENGA Iroha - Minamo Vibrator
                    Regular price$232.50$159.95
                      TENGA Egg Thunder Masturbator
                      Regular price$29.95$13.50
                        TENGA Egg Misty Masturbator
                        Regular price$29.95$10.95
                          TENGA 3D Spiral Masturbator
                          Regular price$60.00$49.50
                            TENGA Spinner Tetra Stroker
                            Regular price$54.95$49.95
                              TENGA Spinner Shell Stroker
                              Regular price$54.95$43.50
                                TENGA Spinner Pixel Stroker
                                Regular price$59.95$43.50
                                  TENGA Spinner Hexa Stroker
                                  Regular price$54.95$43.50
                                    Tenga Smart Vibe Ring Couple's Vibrator
                                    Regular price$139.95$131.76
                                    • Black
                                    • Rose
                                    • White
                                    TENGA Rolling Head Cup - Soft Edition
                                    Regular price$31.00$19.50
                                      TENGA Rolling Head Cup Masturbator
                                      Regular price$36.95$17.95
                                        TENGA Rolling Head Cup - Hard Edition
                                        Regular price$36.00$19.50
                                          TENGA Iroha+ Yoru Discreet Clitoral Vibrator
                                          Regular price$219.95$179.95
                                            TENGA Iroha+ Tori Clitoral Discreet Vibrator
                                            Regular price$219.95$179.95
                                              TENGA Iroha - Sakura Clitoral Vibrator
                                              Regular price$189.95$149.50
                                                TENGA Iroha Rin Kogane Soft Tip Vibrator
                                                Regular price$89.95$68.50
                                                  TENGA Iroha Rin Akane Soft Tip Vibrator
                                                  Regular price$89.95$68.50
                                                    TENGA Iroha - Mikazuki Vibrator
                                                    Regular price$232.50$193.50
                                                      TENGA Iroha - Midori Clitoral Vibrator
                                                      Regular price$155.95$149.50
                                                        TENGA Geo Aqua Male Stroker
                                                        Regular price$101.95$50.95

                                                          Often described as the “Apple” of sex toy products, TENGA is a unique line of male masturbation toys designed to enhance solo play. Stylishly designed and packaged, Tenga’s concept is simple: focus on high quality, unique design ideas that enhance pleasure and take the embarrassment out of male sexual enjoyment. In fact, the word “tenga” in Japanese means “righteously arranged and elegant”.

                                                          TENGA has several different product lines, each with a specific user in mind. The disposable Cup series is intended for one-time use and comes pre-lubricated and ready for immediate use. For a discreet, multi-use experience, the Egg series provides a collection of compact masturbators that resemble an Easter egg and stretch when in use.

                                                          Probably the most popular TENGA line is the TENGA Flip Hole series. These masturbators are designed for multiple uses and easy cleaning with their patented “flip” design. Each Flip Hole comes with a sequence of interior textures that creates unique sensations for all parts of the penis. Manually controlled pressure buttons add even more excitement to the experience by increasing resistance at various points along the passage. The TENGA Flip Hole is a virtual amusement park for your manhood.

                                                          The TENGA 3-D was developed to take the concept of the sex toy as a work of art to the next level. Similar in design to the TENGA Flip Hole series, the TENGA 3-D masturbator series was designed to be reversed when not in use, displaying its geometric patterns.

                                                          TENGA offers a complimentary line of accessories to further enhance the user’s experience. Their line of lubricating lotions and gels are available in different viscosities for a variety of sensations, while the Tenga Warmer pre-warms any TENGA product to simulate a body-warmth masturbation experience. TENGA are also expanding into a line of products specifically design for female pleasure also.

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