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The Top Cat title was adopted from the combination of top hat-style classiness and an affinity for the sexual possibilities from all “pretty kitties.” What resulted is a company that produces quality products which are female-centric and guaranteed to increase explosiveness during sexual encounters and exploration.

Top Cat is a relatively established US-based adult toy distributor which has pinpointed a unique way of zeroing-in on what makes sex toy connoisseurs trust and rely upon them for continual enjoyment. Their business model requires them to provide only products which have long life spans and are considered to be made of superior quality materials. Many of their best selling items are made from materials like glass, porcelain and space-age neo jellies which meld perfectly with common human tissues, tracts and erogenous curves. The company has perfected a diverse line of premium devices that perform far beyond their nearest competitors.

Top Cat is known for helping women and their partners experience rare pleasure using superior products made from classic, trusted materials. All of their most popular models of vibrators and ticklers are equipped with high-tech motor-and-arm cores. These designs can be finely controlled to produce mild erotic pleasure, to extreme and intense peak sexual manipulation. Top Cat only provides items which will last and consistently perform to their stated specifications.

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