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The Velv'Or brand was created on the premise of bringing sophisticated and powerfully seductive toys to the market place. Velv'Or specialises in cockrings, and the name of the company derives from the words "velvet" and "hard", while also representing the meaning of the term "vigour".

A Velv'Or product is typically fashioned from silicone, but what's unique about the Velv'Or brand is that they also incorporate precious metals and nylon. This makes for extremely comfortable products when in use.

Metal is a fairly common material in the construction of dildos, but it's rare to see it used for cockrings. The results are pristinely fashioned rings that boast artistry as much as they do sex. The feeling of such rings is cool at first, until is gradually warms to your body heat. It will press up against you firmly, sending waves of pleasurable energy to your most intimate chakras, such as the perineum, which is an extremely sensitive and erogenous zone.

Velv'Or is a quality brand designed for those with refined taste and perfect for the sophisticated gentleman. Their carefully crafted products are a pleasure to both wear and look at.

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