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LELO Gigi 2 G-Spot Vibrator


Quick Overview

LELO Gigi 2 will lead you on a waltz into ecstasy, where the intensities of pleasure become impossible to describe.

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GIGI 2 is the enhanced version of Lelo’s wildly popular G-spot vibrator, arguably the most positively reviewed Pleasure Object ever created. Featuring a signature flattened tip perfect for exploring this erogenous zone, its new upgrades include even softer silicone, a fully-waterproof design and a 100 increase in power. Sacrificing none of its discretion and class, the 8 different vibration patterns will lead you on a waltz into ecstasy, where the intensities of pleasure become impossible to describe.

Designed For Targeted G-Spot Pleasure - Sculpted Tip for Unparalleled Sensations
100% More Power Across 8 Modes - Take Pleasure to its Peak for Up to 2-Hours at a Time
Now Fully-Waterproof For Versatile Use - Enjoy in the Bath or Shower with Easy Cleaning
Rechargeable, Whisper-Quiet & Travel-Ready - Fully-lockable with Discreet, Satisfying Vibrations
Body-Safe & Comfortable - Ultra-Smooth FDA-approved Silicone
Unrivaled Quality & Assurance - 1-Year LELO Warranty for Complete Peace of Mind
Materials: ABS Plastic / Silicone
Finish: Glossy / Matte
Battery: Li-Ion 920mAh 3.7V
Charging: 2hrs at 5.0V 500mA
User Time: Up to 4hrs
Standby: Up to 90 days
Frequency: 100Hz
Max Noise Level: <50dB
Size: 165mm x 35mm x 33mm / 6.5in. x 1.4in. x 1.3in.
Weight: 79g / 2.8oz.
Contents: GIGI 2, Charger, Satin Storage Pouch, 1-year Warranty.

Materials, Safety & Texture

  • ABS, Plastic, Silicone
  • Anti-bacterial, Food-grade, Hypo-allergenic, Latex Free, Non-porous, Phthalates Free
  • Blue, Grey, Pink, Red
  • Smooth

Size, Shape & Fit

  • 16.5 cm (6.5 inch)
  • 9.7 cm (3.82 inch)
  • 3 cm (1.2 inch)
  • 9 cm (3.5 inch)
  • Contoured

Functions & Performance

  • Multifunction, Multispeed, Waterproof
  • Escalating, Pulsating, Rollercoaster, Vibrating
  • Built-in Control Pad
  • Low
  • Moderate
  • Rechargeable


  • Top Rated
  • Womens
  1. its nice

    i really like it

    -Review by smitty
  2. For a friend

    Purchased one for a friend. The packaging is fantastic. Great feel, many different vibrations to choose from and vibration patterns.
    She loved it.

    -Review by Jaz
  3. Amazing

    I had my doubts but I can honestly say I'm very happy with my g spot vibrator. Worth spending the money on a good vibrator and I wouldn't hesitate to buy a lelo product again.

    -Review by Angie
  4. Works Well

    These are the best vibrators for me. It is small, quiet enough to spice up our every night without disturbing our kids, high quality, and most of all it is easy to clean. Though soft and velvety, it vibrates strong and firm, so we don't turn it up. Plus it can be twisted all the way up to rock your clit like no other. Definitely, this Lelo works well.

    -Review by Hot Dad
  5. Wow!

    “I always need a powerful vibrator to reach orgasm. Lelo’s Gigi is so intense even for me! I hope I could use it for a long time because I just can’t get enough of it!

    -Review by Dina
  6. Leg squeezing

    Love the design of Mona 2 so much! Its shape meets every woman’s’ anatomy whatever their size, which makes every moment satisfying. As for me, my leg involuntarily squeezed right after that rapturous delight.

    -Review by Pretty squeezed
  7. Works extremely well...

    My girlfriend was looking for a good vibrator to help us enjoy our time more. I picked Gigi 2 after hearing great recommendation from my friend. I know it works extremely well because my girlfriend looks more satisfied than ever.

    -Review by Ted
  8. New experience

    Hey, I’m a newbie in collecting sex toys, so I just bought anything that looks fine to me. Thankfully, I made the right choice. Everyone, newbie or experienced, will definitely enjoy this vibrator. Good luck!

    -Review by Pretty Noob
  9. Perfect Pitch

    If not for its price, Gigi 2 will be my favorite toy as it is absolutely wonderful. Its small, has flattened head to press against g-spot areas perfect in massaging your Gs.

    -Review by Blue Micah
  10. Toe curling

    Finally found my G spots after a while! Thank you to Mona 2, which is battery operated thus lasts more than I needed and the control pad is built in so I am still completely in control the whole time until my toes curled unwillingly.

    -Review by Curled Toes
  11. Hard

    I got this as a gift, since my friends thought I need it as I’ve been single for the longest time. It arrived well packed, thank you to Randy Fox. However, it was big for me, hard and so intense. The speed is adjustable but still I want my simulator softer.

    -Review by Gentle Mia
  12. Something Splendid

    I never thought I’d learn to play with sex toys until this powerful waterproof device came in by my hubby since he will be working abroad for a year. We tried it the night before he left and we were like amazed after it hit my spot and the multiple orgasms just came out.

    -Review by Indebted
  13. 2 in 1

    Just as what it boasts, Mona 2 massages my G-spot and my clit at the same time. Dual-action at its finest as it is also smooth velvety and made with food-grade, hypo allergenic and latex free materials.

    -Review by Honey Bunny
  14. Addictive

    The adjustable power is perfect for my mood swings and the size is just right! I think I’m addicted to it. I always look forward to getting home and using it after work

    -Review by Shane
  15. Lady’s Choice

    I have heard great things about Lelo toys, so I got one, and I can’t be happier with my Gigi 2. Except when it started making more noise after some use, when it is supposed to be quiet. Glad that Randy Fox take charge so I got it replaced and never had problem again.

    -Review by Auxiliary Babe
  16. Whatttt?!

    Seriously, what is this thing? It feels awesome and has great functions. I’m happy I bought it. One more satisfied customer here! Three thumbs up!

    -Review by Yuki
  17. Fantastic!

    It’s one of LELO’s best vibrators! I own a few vibrators but this is the best. Most of my vibrators are not as powerful as Gigi 2 so I was uncomfortable at first. Now I’m addicted to its intensity and I love its smoothness. I would recommend it to anyone. Thanks!

    -Review by Rapid Ginny
  18. Versatile

    I got this to experiment with g spot stimulation and so far haven't really got anywhere (my issue, not the toys) BUT the upside is the quality of this is wonderful and the vibrations feel great on your clit so I'm still a fan.
    It's small enough and discrete enough that I think it would be a good one to travel with as it wouldn't be particularly embarrassing if it got found.

    -Review by Chloe
  19. Discreetly Awesome

    I share my apartment with my sissy but I’d like my sex life to be discreet. Whenever I feel like it, alone or not, I want to keep it private. Since, I’m currently single, G-spot simulators and vibrators help me get through the night, that’s why I’d like them to be discreet. Thanks to Randy Fox, I found a superb vibrator which is soundless on close doors and it arrived well packed!

    -Review by Lovebird
  20. Love it

    This toy pretty, simple to use and multi functional even as a newbie. I got the hang of it immediately after first try. I am starting to love it since I don’t feel like a newbie anymore.

    -Review by Newbie
  21. Satisfied Buyer

    I got my Gigi 2 faster than expected, in good condition and secured, thank you Randy Fox. My nights are now indescribable, and my problem on reaching orgasm did not revisit me again.

    -Review by Kitty Blake
  22. Feel good

    All in all, this product is great. Works both on my G and my clit. Only that the battery does not seem to charge. It was a hassle because I can’t seem to find the warranty paper. Other than that, Gigi 2 is a good toy.

    -Review by Deep Rose
  23. Titillating

    Yes, Mona 2 is really titillating, just as what it should does. It has variable speeds and vibration modes to meet the level of our arousing sexual excitement to orgasm.

    -Review by Red Bug
  24. Highly pleasurable

    I received Gigi Vibrator yesterday, and I’m already enjoying its perks. I’m thankful to the person who made it. It’s intense and feels really unique. Now my boyfriend and I can indulge in a new toy!

    -Review by Happy Leigh
  25. My new best B.O.B.

    Because of my busy schedule at work, I have less time to pamper myself. Thanks to Gigi 2 Vibrator, I can release some of my body tension and stress. For now, it’s my new best battery operated boyfriend. I hope it would be useful for a long time.

    -Review by Queen Lou
  26. Lazy Ann

    With so little effort from me, my Gigi 2 zones in on my G like a heat seeking warhead, and runs deep powerful simulation which makes me ready for a full battle. Highly recommended!

    -Review by Less Effort
  27. Excellent product

    As a mom, I absolutely love this toy because it is noiseless. The angle is perfect and comfortable for me. It is definitely smaller and shorter so it can hit the right spots. The controls are instinctive and it’s easy to use without too much rooting around. It being water-resistant is a bonus, so when we're done with it we just take it to the sink and clean it up with mild soap and water without damaging it.

    -Review by Hot Momma
  28. Ohhhhh

    It’s hard to describe how I feel after using it. I just love it! My husband loves it too! He bought it for our anniversary last week!

    -Review by Sydney
  29. Best Toy

    The best toy I ever received. It is made of high quality silicone, has easy to use buttons, and it's rechargeable. It's nearly silent too! I love how handy it is as well, while it’s promoted as a G-Spot vibrator, you can also use the flat head for great clitoral stimulation thus it can totally justify its price.

    -Review by Martha
  30. Not with the Price

    I work with a company that markets sex toys so I know which one is the best among the rest. For me, Gigi 2 is the second best, and the reason for that is it’s too pricey. Other than that, this toy is really great especially to the petites, that’s why I got one

    -Review by Mischievous Grin
  31. No regrets

    Honestly, I was hesitant to buy a vibrator from LELO because of the price, but after using it for the first time, I forgot about the money. I have no regrets.

    -Review by Teardrops
  32. My Favorite

    Mona 2 just gives me that amazing feeling after its large bulb top slides in gently inside me after some clitoral simulation and its insertable length is in fact more than enough for me.

    -Review by Chin
  33. Cute little G-Spot vibrator

    I have the Lelo Ella which is pretty much a dildo version of this. I loved it so I couldn't resist but to try the vibrator version of the same flat-tip head : Gigi 2. The size is quite small and Vibration is not that strong, which makes it great for beginners. But if you're a power queen, then this is not for you. I'm personally not a fan to strong vibrators when inserted, so this works quite well for me.

    -Review by Babycat
  34. Hits the spot

    I bought this for my wife and she is really happy with it. It was the perfect G-spot vibrator for her and she said it really hit the spot!

    -Review by Wilba
  35. It was the best experience ever

    Usually it's very difficult for me to reach orgasm. I wanted to use a vibrator to see if I could reach orgasm with it or not.
    I googled it and everyone said Lelo Gigi was the best. So I tried it out and oh my god. Jesus It made me reach orgasm so so so damn easily. I use this vibrator 3~4 times a day everyday. I think I am addicted. Thank you heaps Randy Fox!

    -Review by Sunny
  36. A hit!

    Purchased one for the fiancee as a Christmas present and has been thoroughly enjoyed. Great feel, lots of different vibration and pulse modes, and does the trick no problem at all.

    -Review by reverb
  37. Didn't work as intended

    This did nothing as a G-Spot vibrator for me. First of all, the vibrations weren't powerful enough. Secondly, not enough girth. Thirdly, the flattened tip didn't seem to help. It does however work nicely on my clit but there are better toys for that. This toy is popular so it must work for many women but personally I didn't think much of the Gigi 2 and much prefer the girth and power of Mona or Soraya.

    Personal opinions aside, the product is well made with silky smooth silicone, easy to use controls, range of patterns, is very quiet and is rechargeable.

    -Review by Aminta
  38. So worth the money!

    After looking at many different vibrators and heaps of reviews I decided this was the vibrator to buy for my girlfriend's 19th birthday and WOW! This is the 4th we have bought and by far the best vibrator we own! After the first time my girlfriend used it, it was instantly the favourite. It gives her the most intense orgasms when used internally or externally and gets used daily. Super powerful and we still haven't charged it! So worth the money! You wont regret this purchase! Best Vibe!

    -Review by josh

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