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Fetish, Vinyl & Leather Lingerie

Lingerie which takes a turn into the taboo side of erotic play becomes dress for fantasy and fetish exploration. Gentle, silky and innocent-looking layers become tight-fitting leather, vinyl and studded “gear.” Fetish lingerie gives up lace and complimentary fashion lines for buckles, straps and restraints. Depending on how far a fantasy progresses, it can even feature built-in plugs, vibrators and dungeon devices. They can be minimal and made from simple straps and rings, or full-body costumes.
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About  Fetish, Vinyl & Leather Lingerie

Fetish and fantasy play enthusiasts enjoy an opportunity to take on the persona of dark and dangerous, sexually charged, bedroom and party beasts. Some fetishes can only be satisfied with highly erotic leather, rubber and vinyl gear. Most people who are unaccustomed to acting on their fetishes, find leather and vinyl harness and costumes to be an enjoyably new and freeing experience.