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Have you thought about your sexual performance?

If you're not waking up with morning wood every day, you're at higher risk for many chronic illnesses. That's why it's essential to track your sexual health. FirmTech's award-winning Tech Ring is the only smart cock ring, using cutting-edge technology to comfortably chart the quantity and quality of erections while you sleep.

Your nocturnal erections tell you life changing information about your health. Erections you have while you are sleeping are a leading indicator of vascular health. Now you can measure them in the privacy of your home using our Tech Ring. Everyone is trying to better themselves with medications and supplements but no one is showing objective improvements. Get a grip on your interventions and understand how they are impacting your FAVOURITE activity!

The Sixth Vital Sign No One Is Talking About. A healthy man will have 3-5 nocturnal erections each night. Erectile dysfunction is not just a later in life problem. 30% of men at the age of 30 suffer from ED. This number increases 10% every decade of age after. Time is against you so there is no time to waste to learn more. FirmTech's Tech Ring stands at the forefront of this revolution, emphasizing the importance of tracking and optimising erectile health alongside other wearable metrics. This knowledge enables us to optimise our erectile function, leading to increased confidence, satisfaction, and overall quality of life. The Tech Ring tracks the firmness and duration of all erections and most critically the number of nocturnal erections. Healthy men have three to five. Not having nocturnal erections is a sign of possible heart disease or diabetes.

Understand the warning signs of erectile dysfunction and heart disease, improve your performance, and pleasure yourself and your partner(s) like never before. Decisions about diagnoses and medications should be of course made with your healthcare provider, but getting this information in the comfort of your home is the first step to better sexual health. The Tech Ring can help you avoid being a statistic by assessing your erectile fitness at any age - whether you have ED or not. Track the impact of medications, alcohol, exercise, and lifestyle changes on your erection and to optimise your results.

Awarded the “Most Innovative Sex Toy in 2023” from XBIZ! FirmTech’s revolutionary tech-enabled erection ring can enhance your performance while tracking the vital signs of your erectile fitness at the click of a button. Our smart sex tech can count your number of nocturnal erections that can indicate cardiovascular health, the duration of your erection, and the firmness of the penis. This uniquely comfortable and easy to use penis ring is suitable for all men: those who are experiencing Erectile Dysfunction and those seeking to prevent it.

Key Stats:

- World First smart penis ring that tracks your erection quality and quantity.

- Medical grade adjustable elastomer ring.

- Sensors to track the duration and firmness of the penis.

- Splash Proof (not waterproof).

- USB Rechargeable.

Please Note: This is not a vibrating product.

Materials & Colours

  • Elastomer
  • Hypo-allergenic, Phthalates Free
  • Black

Powered By & Features

  • USB Rechargeable


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