Tantus Tawse It Overboard Silicone Flogger

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The Tantus Tawse It Overboard Silicone Flogger packs and punch and satisfies your need for intense impact play. Made of body-safe, flexible silicone, the Tawses has 4 tongues with 0.375 inches thick each.

Not for the faint of heart, the impact of silicone can be intense. The silicone material delivers an intense impact that the usual leather tawses. Using silicone flogger transfers energy very effectively. Whilst the flogger is mainly used for impact play, the handle can also be used for penetration. Stimulate yourself or your partner using the flogger as a heavily textured dildo. Use your favourite lubricant before any penetrative play.

Whether it’s a gentle tap that lightly grazes the skin or an impactful strike that will leave them red, this straightforward flogger is definitely a good addition for your BDSM experience. Use warm soapy water to clean the flogger. The hygienic flogger can be used to multiple partners.

Key Stats

• Perfect for impact play – The silicone transmit impact that the usual leather tawses couldn’t.

• Multifunctional - The handle can be used for penetrative play.

• Body-safe materials – Use to multiple partners without worries.

Materials & Colours

  • Silicone
  • All Natural
  • Black


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