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TENGA Flip Hole - Black

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TENGA Flip Hole Black Masturbator

by Tenga
The Black Tenga Flip Hole Masturbator is one of the most exciting developments in male self-pleasure. This high-tech sleeve adapts to your personal style and produces some of the most intense sensations you've ever experienced.

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Price: $88.95

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Masturbation Sleeves & Pocket Pussies


The Black Tenga Flip Hole Masturbator is a uniquely constructed, high-tech personal pleasure device. The black casing opens completely, allowing you access to the inner “workings” of the device and make cleanup incredibly easy. Packed into the sleeve are five different surfaces; the wing gate, quattro wave, side ribs, end orb and click orb. Each of these unique surfaces stimulates the penis in a different way, and together they produce waves of pleasure with every thrust.

For added pleasure, there are three “Push Pads” built into the side of the Tenga Flip Hole unit. Applying finger pressure to these pads allows you to control the sensations that you feel at the head, along the shaft and at the base of your manhood.

To use the Black Tenga Flip Hole, open the device and apply the desired amount of lubricant to the various surfaces inside. It is advised that you lubricate the Flip Hole well before use. We recommend using TENGA's official lubricants (sold separately). Once it’s lubricated, close the device and position it over the tip of your erect penis. Penetrate the sleeve, and use finger pressure on the three pads to enhance the experience and help you reach an intense orgasm.

Once your orgasm subsides, cleaning the Black Flip Hole is easy. Open the device, and use ordinary soap and water to make the unit look and feel brand-new.

You won’t find any other sleeve like the Tenga Flip Hole on the market today. Uniquely designed and incredibly effective, the Black Tenga Flip Hole Masturbator can bring you to levels of arousal that you've never known.

Product Specifications

Materials, Safety & Texture
  • Material:TPR Silicone

  • Safety Features:Hypo-allergenic, Latex Free, Phthalates Free

  • Colours:Black

  • Internal Texture:Ribbed

Size, Shape & Fit
  • Length:17.5 cm (6.9 inch)

  • Diameter:6.9 cm (2.7 inch)

  • Internal Depth:15.2 cm (6 inch)

  • Width:8.5 cm (3.3 inch)

Functions & Performance
  • Special Features:Waterproof

  • Product Status:Top Rated

  • Gender Play:Mens

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Community Reviews

Community Reviews
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    1. Bloody amazing
      (Posted on 24/09/2015)

      This masturbator would have to be the best by far that i have ever tried.

      Me personally love the intensity. I have even emailed TENGA to compliment their product and also give an idea to put some very powerful vibrators in under the tissue. Or vibrating massage balls..something like that...great product.Review by Matt

    2. Mmmm, that hit the spot!
      (Posted on 27/01/2015)

      "Lordy mumma" & "mother of mercy". They were the two most frequently used phrases during my opening encounter with the TENGA Flip Hole Black. For the sake of context; I am the average. Every dimension of my penis matches those of the well documented "average penis".
      I wasn't really in the mood when it arrived so I just planned to have a look. It looked bazaar and, un-lubed, just felt rubbery. Then I had a smell of the lubes and thought, "Ok, I'll give it a go later." I closed it and, because I had a bit of lube still on my finger from opening the tubes, I just thought I'd rub it off on the opening and stick it in the hole a bit rather than wasting it. Then, as I slide my finger in, I heard that sound you hear when you get a ruler and have 1/3 of it on the bench and 2/3 of it off the bench and you hold it to the bench and bend the over-hanging end then let it go. You know that sound? "Thrrrrrrrrrrrddd" That's the sound my dick made as my finger slid into the opening. "Hooley, dooley," I thought, "I'm using this now!"

      I don't normally linger and tease and tantalise myself at such times; I'm more interested in just knocking the top off it because I've been getting a bit toey. This time was different. I surprised myself at how much fun I was having by myself and how many things I was trying. I repeat, "Lordy mumma, mother of mercy!" There were so many different sensations. Turn it 45 degrees and it's a bit different. Turn it again, and again. The buttons don't really do much of interest, but that's fine because I didn't really need them. The suction button would be cool if it worked but it didn't bother me that it didn't work.

      Anyway, it destroyed anything else I have used. If you have droughts and your hand is getting less interested in you. It gets nervous when you hold on while taking a leak. You find yourself looking lovingly at all sorts of household items because you are imagining what it would be like to slip into them. You attempt to invent great home made devices. It's time. Buy this because it's ridiculously good.

      As for the cleaning; take it into the shower with you. Don't kiss and cuddle it like you would if you were in the shower with an actual human person. Just clean it. Cleaning it is very, very easy.

      So there.Review by Captain Average

    3. No bad but too intense
      (Posted on 27/11/2014)

      It's not a bad product, but the white is better, IMO.

      It's not that it's tight, that part would be good, but it is a bit too intense, borderline abrasive. The texture of the inside plus the harder rubber is just too much.

      If you go for it, still, you do not want to use this without ample lubricant, and white one at that, forget the black!
      I'd say if you're not used to Tengas, don't start with this.Review by tengu

    4. Tenga flip hole black
      (Posted on 4/11/2014)

      Was left a little underwhelmed. In no way realistic and felt a little robotic. The three buttons don't really change the effect that much. Easy enough to clean. Review by Ren

    5. Tenga - Over the top
      (Posted on 12/12/2013)

      This a mind blowing toy they texture is not designed to be in any way realistic to a vagina or anus or anything. it is simply build to stimulate you like crazy/ I would not buy this as a first toy because of the price and it might be over stimulating for a first timer. I have to say this is a medium firmness, ill post a review on the "Tenga Flip Hole White" but that's quite soft and even squishy texture the Black is just a bit firmer so the texture is a bit more pronounced.you can see on one of the picture that there are 2 ball at the base (where you insert), so you basically have those balls moving up and down your shaft as you pass through the walls in the middle and finally hit the big ball at the end, which feels great.

      The Tenga flip holes seem to require a fair amount of lube but you don't want to over lube because you will loose some of the sensation/texture. I don't do this but I would recommending opening the flip hole and spreading a fine amount of lube all over the inside of the toy, wash you hands and see how that goes, if that isn't enough add a little amount to yourself, take it slow and let the lube move around the toy.

      One reviewers video i saw said this is hard to clean compared to the Fleshlight and similar toys I have to disagree this toy is a dream to clean, simply rinse under warm water, use your fingers to simply rub away any lube and stuff that's their. It doesn't say this in the cleaning instructions but use some toy cleaner, just a small amount, rub it around and rinse off. then you can either lay the toy open on a towel or use the side panel thing as a stand to keep it open. There is no corn starch or anything required, when dry close up and store away for next use.

      It does come with 3 different sample lubes that are a descent size so you will get multiple uses out of each one if you don't waste them and they have re-sealable lids so you can store them properly.

      This is probably the best Male masturbator currently available in Australia, their are other Japanese products such as Meiki that I have seen videos of that look better and people say are better but there available in Japan and America. There is an American website that site that ships to Australia but you end up spending the same amount of shipping as you do the toy so its double the price.

      Anyway, this is a great product, well done Tenga.Review by Melbourne Lovers - Blogger

    6. Not compatible with larger men
      (Posted on 3/12/2013)

      The Tenga Flip Hole is possibly the most exotic male masturbating toy on the market. The key theme of the toy seems to be maximum stimulation with an insane inner texture that seems to totally random at first. However there is method to the madness because the toy attempts to provide different sensations on different parts of the penis.

      The major advantages of this toy is that it is extremely discreet (looking nothing like a traditional male masturbation toy) & that is made to cater for smaller-average sized men. This however can be a major disadvantage for above average sized men in both length and girth. The entrance to the toy can be extremely tight at times & the sensations can feel awkward when they aren't hitting the correct spots. For me this seemed to be the case so I preferred to use other toys. One other negative is that the toy itself can be harder to clean than a normal masturbator because of the texture. Overall I'd recommended that larger men avoid this toy (over 6.5 inches in length).Review by Jim

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