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  • TENGA Flip Hole (Mens Toys) White TENGA Flip Hole (Mens Toys) White
  • TENGA Flip Hole (Mens Toys) White TENGA Flip Hole (Mens Toys) White
  • TENGA Flip Hole (Mens Toys) White TENGA Flip Hole (Mens Toys) White
  • TENGA Flip Hole (Mens Toys) White TENGA Flip Hole (Mens Toys) White
  • TENGA Flip Hole (Mens Toys) White TENGA Flip Hole (Mens Toys) White
  • TENGA Flip Hole (Mens Toys) White TENGA Flip Hole (Mens Toys) White
  • TENGA Flip Hole (Mens Toys) White TENGA Flip Hole (Mens Toys) White

TENGA Flip Hole Masturbator

By: Tenga

Quick Overview

The Tenga Flip Hole male masturbator includes a sleeve with a hard plastic exterior, three pleasure buttons and supple silicone interior. There is also a clip that holds the unit closed during use or for storage.

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  • Lube and Toy Cleaner Kit | FREE Post Offer
  • TENGA Hole Lotion Real 170ml - Masturbation Lubricant - Red
  • TENGA Hole Lotion Wild 170ml - Masturbation Lubricant - Black
  • TENGA Hole Lotion Mild 170ml - Masturbation Lubricant - White
  • TENGA Hole Masturbator Warmer
Phone Order? Call: 1300 130 843 & Quote the Code PID317
The Tenga Flip Hole is more than a male masturbation sleeve; many would think of it as an adventure park for your penis. This is due to the many different ways in which the Tenga Flip Hole teases your manhood.

Your pleasure starts as soon as you lube up your member and slide into the Flip Hole’s soft, pliant opening. Your penis is guided through an obstacle course of pleasure. You first encounter the lip flap which creates a mild vacuum to keep a good grip on your member. From there, you experience a series of differently-shaped chambers, complete with textures such as nubs and ribs. Finally you enter the end orb pocket which surrounds your head with nodules for a full 360 degrees of stimulation.

Thrusting in and out of a device filled with so many sensations is sure to arouse you, and in fact many men find they must pace themselves. However the Tenga Flip Hole has even more options. There are three buttons on the outside of the unit that create more intense stimulation at various points along the shaft, such as a massage feature at the head, or a sucking sensation at the base.

It is advised that you lubricate the Flip Hole well before use. We recommend using TENGA's official lubricants (sold separately).

Materials, Safety & Texture

  • TPR Silicone
  • Hypo-allergenic, Latex Free, Phthalates Free
  • White
  • Nubbed, Ribbed

Size, Shape & Fit

  • 17.5 cm (6.9 inch)
  • 6.8 cm (2.7 inch)
  • 15.2 cm (6 inch)
  • 8.5 cm (3.3 inch)

Functions & Performance

  • Waterproof


  • Top Rated
  • Mens
  1. Words cannot describe..

    I've tried flesh lights of all shapes and sizes. I've tried every Tenga flip hole.. Each one is so completely different from the other. My favourite has to be the white one though. The sensations it creates are amazing and when you flip it, it's like a whole new just as amazing toy!

    I guess it's so amazing my Mrs gets enjoyment purely out of the crazy faces of ecstasy I'm in with each stroke.

    Get one ASAP! The only downside is if you're larger than most you will bottom out in this, even still, it's freaking fantastic.

    -Review by Chief
  2. Unique sensation, well worth trying

    Easy to use and clean. Genuinely unique experience.

    This shouldn't even be considered a simulation of the real thing because the sensation is somewhat alien, and when used under circumstances of heightened sensitivity, the internal mould can provoke a super intense experience.

    So if you're feeling a little sore from excessive masturbation, or like to push on mid and into post orgasm, that is where the sensitivity suddenly becomes extreme.

    The lubes are a good compliment in their varying styles too, a shame they come in such small portions though.

    -Review by Aiden
  3. Best male toy

    First of all, this thing is freaking amazing. From the first centimetre of penetration your member is completely overwhelmed by sensation.
    Then you flip it over and it feels like you've got a completely different, just as amazing toy...

    I'd say the best way to really use it is start slow, let all those pleasure beads work over your member... It's the most amazing feeling EVER, I actually own two white ones, a red one and a silver one... I by far recommend the white over the others.

    The others made too much noise and seemed to be too rough.

    Can't go wrong with this purchase! (I'd recommend on stocking up on the Real Tenga Hole Lotion, I found it to be the best feeling.)


    -Review by TheDude
  4. Best male toy

    Over the years I've bought a lot of male toys including Fleshlights and other sleeves. The Tenga Flip Hole is easily the best! It has a great variety of internal textures and you can easily control the pressure using the buttons. Make sure you use a light water based lube and you'll be off to ecstasy in no time. Highly recommended and my top pick for best male toy.

    -Review by MW
  5. Fantastic

    I really like this toy, it is soft and squishy on the inside, it feels absolutely amazing. It is softer then the black version. I find it super easy to clean and it is big enough to accommodate any man.

    Check out my Review of TENGA FLIP HOLE - BLACK to get a better idea on cleaning and general stuff. The flip holes are the same in a general way, the textures are significantly different though, if you want it a bit firmer go black if you want it super soft and squishy go white.

    -Review by Melbourne Lovers - Blogger
  6. Japanese Technology

    Have you ever been to the airport in Tokyo, and gone into the men's room and experienced using one of those incredibly high-tech, push-button toilets? There's no question that the Japanese love their technology, and put it to very good use. One of the best uses for that innovation is the TENGA Flip Hole, a male masturbatory aid from TENGA.

    Most male masturbation products are presented as replicating the feel, and sometimes the look, of a woman's vagina. The engineers at TENGA make no pretence about attempting to replicate sex with women, their goals are far nobler. The design of the TENGA Flip Hole isn't to duplicate the feel of sex with a woman - it is to improve upon it! This incredible feat of engineering is already the best selling male sex toy in Japan, and the popularity is growing rapidly. Some might even say the TENGA Flip Hole takes masturbating to the next level. Open it up and you'll see a highly detailed, revolutionary mass of soft silicone, moulded in an unbelievable architecture of nubs and sensual bumps designed to please.

    Now, I don't know how the guys at TENGA came up with this design, and I don't want to know what went on in the engineering room – but incredible job, guys! The Flip Hole is easy to clean; again all thanks to its remarkable design. Just flip it open for easy access and rinse it out. The middle section is expandable, making it easy to fit into regardless of your size. The interior has a compelling set of different structures that sound almost like a Kama Sutra for artificial sex aids: The Waving Ball, Cross Wall, Brushing Edge, and Moving Ball are amongst a few!

    The TENGA Flip Hole package includes a set of three different lotions: "real", "mild", and "wild", which makes the experience even better. Decide which lotion you would like to use depending on your mood and once lubricated, get to work doing what you do best. The internal design has something different for every inch of your manhood, and somehow, the clever TENGA creators figured out precisely which shape of silicone nub to place where for the maximum experience.

    Again, the inside is remarkably complex, but don't be deceived - that complexity works to your advantage like you wouldn't believe. There are buttons and controls that will give you complete control over every aspect of your pleasure experience. You can make it tighter, apply more suction, or move the focus to the head of your penis or to the shaft. Is it an intense experience? That would be an understatement. Using it for the first time is a bit like driving a stick shift sports car when you're 15 and have never driven a car before - it takes a bit of learning, and it takes a while to get used to. But once you've learned the ropes, you're hooked for life.

    -Review by Editor's Special Review

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